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We are a mother and daughter duo that started a family business committed to strong values.

As mother, a daughter, a family, a costumer, and as designer, I want to know where things come from and who makes them. That way, we can become more aware of the environmental impact of our purchase or creation, and we can cherish our piece with the love that a unique lifestyle brand deserve.  We are committed to responsible practices and thats why since day one we only work with the best portuguese artisans. Everything we do is handmade. Our signature style is the handmade work and the love that we put in every Alameda Turquesa piece.

We hand-draw all our designs within our company headquarters in Portugal. We produce all our shoes and jewelry as well in our sunny country.  We hope that our rich history, artistic values and iconic symbols will continue to enter in your house and in your family. We do believe that you, our customers, are the best in the world.

Thanks for our support and joining our family,

Alameda Turquesa team   xx