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Find Out Your Size

You have our chart in all products page, but here you will have an extra help ūüôā

Measuring your feet at home isn’t difficult. In fact, it’s very easy to calculate your shoe size¬†without using any special equipment, only a white blank page and a ruler. Once you have your measurements you can refer to our¬†size chart¬†to find a proper fit.

1-Sit on the chair with one foot firmly planted on the floor with your leg bent slightly forward so that your shin is just in front of your ankle.

2-Trace the outline of your foot, holding the pencil¬†upright and perpendicular to the paper.¬†Make sure the pencil is aligned snugly against your foot as you trace.¬†Once you’ve traced your feet, it’s time to measure.

3-It’s important to trace and measure both of your feet, as most people’s feet are slightly different lengths.

4-Use your pencil to mark the longest parts of your feet from the tip of your longest toe to your heel. Use a ruler to measure the length. Use the largest of each of these measurements to determine your shoe size.

5-Find the closest mark that you can on your ruler. Write the measurement down and repeat this process on your other foot.

Now check our chart and find out what is the best size for you.