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Product Care

If you need any extra info of a specific product care please send us an email to shop@alamedaturquesa.com.

We source the best materials for our pieces. Everything is handmade with extra care and love in Portugal with the most exquisite Italian leathers. Some of our materials are so delicate that they need special attention from you, so here you can find some help to make your shoes the soul of the party.

1. Pom pons

Our pom pons are unique and a signature design for Alameda Turquesa. They are very delicate, made of vibrant colored materials and you need to had extra care with them when storing them in their dust bags when not being worn. Be careful with them and don’t push them from the straps.

2. Jewelry Pieces

Our shoes have jewelry pieces that are gold-plated or silver-plated. Please note that you can minimize marks by avoiding contact with water, specially salt water. All the pieces are handmade, hand painted and hand applied so they need to be looked after with utmost care.

3. Tassels

Most of our tassels are made out from amazing natural leathers so they can transform over time with some colour changes and markings. They can be made of suede, metallic leather, leather and ecological leather, so look for the material here and you will find the care you need to have. Don’t forget to always store them on your dustbags.

4. Feathers

All our shoes are made to order. We believe that every client is special so every shoe is handmade to order. Normally it takes 1-4 days to produce your shoe, but time may vary. For an accurate estimate time please check your specific product info on our Boutique Online.

5. Suede

Suede is an incredibly robust material that does not scuff or show wear as easily as calfskin. Brush your pieces regularly, it helps get rid of dust and it helps retain the look of the suede. You can buy a water and stain protector for your suede leather if you prefer and keep your shoes in dust bags

6. Glittler

For glitter shoes, storage is key! The glitter does tend to cling to different materials, so make sure to keep them in their box, out of harms way.

7. Leather

Due to the nature of the material, the appearance of our beautiful leathers can transform over time with slight colour changes and markings. Marks can be improved by gently buffing the affected area with a soft cloth. To maintain the appearance of your leather goods, be sure to store them in your dust bags. Let it air dry if it gets wet.

8. Metallic Leather

Metallic leather may lose some colour and become wrinkled over time due to wear, this is a natural process and they look even more beautiful over time, they will have history!